Why do it?

Business today can be relentless

Healthcare issues are inevitable

Mosaic offers you rapid access to clinical support

Lead happier teams

Don’t wait for a crisis to happen. Many health issues are invisible to leadership.

Health cover offers peace of mind even for healthy employees.

Attract and retain talent with the #1 employee benefit

Standing out in recruitment is a major challenge.

Keeping hold of your people is business critical

Health cover is the #1 valued employee benefit.

It is more than a perk. It is .

Minimise time lost due to sickness

UK workers take an average of 4.4 days sick leave each year.

Lots of day-to-day healthcare issues go untreated.

Intervene early and lead a happier workforce.
Reducing sick days would always be beneficial, but this is not the main issue. The people who are sitting undiagnosed, particularly in remote teams. That is a true hidden cost.
- Head of Operations, Scale-up

At a low cost investment

Membership starts at just £25 per employee per month.

Cheaper than a Deliveroo.
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