Frequently Asked Questions

How is this not insurance?

We store your membership fees in a Trust Fund, combine them with membership fees from other companies, and use that to pay claims.
This is off-grid collective self-financing. It is an old-fashioned co-operative on a tech platform (but not insurance).

What happens if claims are lower than expected?

If claims are low, membership fees are simply retained in the trust. It is up to our members what we do with it:
1. You can increase the services offered.
2. You can reduce membership fees.
3. You can re-distribute surplus to impactful causes (and if you do, we'll match you from our management fee).

Can you explain the re-distribution idea?

We are aiming for a small surplus each year vs. plan (1-1.5%).  
This would mean that we are collecting the right amount of money and managing it effectively.  
We suggest that this surplus is donated to important causes.  If you decide to do this, we will match it from our fee.
Together we can make a difference, e.g. to M-TIBA

What happens if claims are higher than expected?

Ultimately, the fund needs to balance.  If claims are higher than membership fees, we can:
1. Change the level of benefits offered
2. Introduce co-payments (where members contribute towards their bills out of their own pocket)
3. Ask for higher contributions
We will not impose this. We will show you the data and you will have a voice in the decision.

Are my payments allocated to my own workforce?

No, we combine subscription fees from all our member companies into a shared pot.  
That way you can benefit from the scale of the full membership.  
Member companies form a Mosaic, greater than the sum of its parts.

What if my company spends more than it contributes over the course of a year?

This doesn't matter.  Some years your workforce may spend more, other years less so.  
Healthcare needs are unpredictable for a small group but much more predictable for a larger group.  Together you will be able to smooth out any bumpy periods.

How is there enough money available at launch?

As we launch, we do 2 things:
1. We put our own money in to get the ball rolling.  
2. We ask for an initial contribution for each new member equal to 3 months' fees.  
After this, it is a monthly recurring subscription.

What does it mean that 'reimbursement is discretionary on fund performance'?

As this is not a contract of insurance, the fund will become self-sufficient.  If there are not sufficient funds available, we do not guarantee that all claims will be paid.
However, we are subsidising the fund with our own money to the worst-case scenario.

What tax do I (as an employer) pay?

You need to pay VAT on the Mosaic service fee. 20% VAT on our 20% fee (so...4% tax).  
However, we don't charge a service fee to our founder members for the first 6 months (so zero tax!).

Is Mosaic taxable as an employee benefit?

Mosaic is a taxable benefit-in-kind for any employee who is offered it by their employer.

How will I know what is happening to the money in the fund?

You will have access to data relating to fund performance.  We will offer regular reporting to start with, and real time reporting as we scale.

What happens to the fund if anything happens to Mosaic Health?

It is essential that you know that money in the fund is safe.
The Trust is independent of Mosaic Health, managed by an independent non-profit trustee.  
Trusts are designed to survive. It will last as long as the the membership need it. Economic disaster, political change, companies appearing or disappearing. The Trust will outlast them all.

How long do I need to sign up for?

We ask for an initial contribution for each new member to the fund equal to 3 months' membership fees. Once we have received this, it is then a monthly recurring subscription.  
There is no minimum contract.

Can I add or remove people from the scheme?

You can add or remove people at any time.  Each new member needs an initial contribution of 3 months' membership fees up front, and then pays on a monthly basis.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. You can remove individual members at any time, or cancel your whole plan.  Any contributions that you have made into the Trust will remain there.

How does the Mosaic Mastercard work?

We programme the cards so that they only work in specific settings.  
This means you can walk into any dentist or opticians and pay using you Mosaic card, but it won't work at the supermarket.

Can I use my Mosaic Mastercard internationally?

To start with, this is a UK-only service.  We will add international options very soon.

Is there a minimum number of members required for each company?

We are asking for a minimum company size of 10 employees.  We understand that you may want to test out the service before offering it to your whole company, and so we can offer a trial period for a minimum of 2 members per company.

Does each member company pay the same amount?

For each product level each member pays the same amount.  
The amount paid by each member company depends on the number of employees covered and their product level.

What does it mean that 'more services will be unlocked'?

We will continue to add new services that are of most value to our membership.  There are lots of areas of healthcare that need a bit of a top-up in funding, and the fund exists for you.
If there are specific services that would be value to you, as a member, please reach out to

Still have questions? Check the help center or email us at