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We are building something worthwhile in global healthcare.

We commit to making an impact, re-distributing funds to where they're needed

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We are working with M-TIBA - Kenya’s ground-breaking healthcare payments system.

M-TIBA is revolutionising the management of large-scale health schemes in Africa.

Members simply use M-TIBA to pay for healthcare at accredited clinics, using their phone.

M-TIBA is supporting the drive towards rollout of universal healthcare across the continent.

Mosaic Health

Mosaic members can send surplus from the fund into M-TIBA, and directly into the mobile wallets of those who need to access care.

All of this with no middleman.

Funds go directly to people who need healthcare, at clean and safe medical facilities.

Safe, fast, transparent and fair.  

We’ll match it

Trust members decide how much is distributed from the fund.

We will match the same proportion from our fee.

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