A new model of health cover

A Mosaic of businesses building a collective to fund additional healthcare

Frictionless access to affordable, supplemental health


Health cover - NOT insurance

We are building a community of businesses to fund extra healthcare as a collective. With a model that is transparent and fair

We want to help you to access the healthcare that you and your employees need
We will be transparent with you about how your fund is being spent
You will be able to see how we arrive at the prices we charge
If there is a surplus, you will be in charge of how it is used

Seamless technology

Access health more simply and quickly than ever before.

See your cover at a glance with our mobile-first model
Find the right provider and book your appointment seamlessly
Be directed to the right clinicians - virtually or in the real world
Pay for the treatment with your Mosaic VISA card

Products with real value

We simply focused on everyday services that are hard to access on the NHS

Hard-to-access services that are supplemental to the NHS
Tackling health issues that are currently being left un-treated
Access the best mental health support, physio, women's health, diagnostics, specialists, and more...
Cutting out the out-of-pocket healthcare costs - including dentistry, optical, prescriptions


With products starting at just £25 per employee per month

Our fee-for-service model offers the best value-for-money
80% of the membership fee is ringfenced for healthcare spend
20% is used to run things
With a range of products to suit your budget
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Health cover - NOT insurance

Our fee-for-service model means that we do not make extra profit when you don't claim.

We act in your best interests

Led by technology - delivered by humans

Seamless technology to give you simple access to essential healthcare.

And a Mosaic VISA card to pay for it

Join the collective - feel the benefits

A community of businesses to fund healthcare as a collective.

Transparent and fair

Easy, affordable healthcare for SMEs

A collective savings fund to look after your team's health.

A network of leading providers

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Traditional health insurance doesn't work for smaller companies


A small number of employees makes you volatile: one-off claims can trigger price hikes.


Insurers hold all the data and the power. There is no transparency about how your money is used.


Your size means limited bargaining power. No-one is in your corner.

Mosaic takes health cover off-grid

How our fund work.

You join a collective of companies.

Together, you deposit into a shared fund, ringfenced for healthcare.

The fund is yours, not ours. There to serve your team's needs.

Nothing else. No shenanigans.

The most cost-effective approach

As a smaller business, every penny counts.
We offer the best possible value-for-money.

80% ringfenced for healthcare vs. 50% at our competitors

80% guaranteed for healthcare

It's shocking how little of a health insurance premium can end up on healthcare. We ringfence your money so that doesn't happen.

Pay 4% not 12% tax

Tax efficient. It's not insurance

Mosaic is self-financing. No insurer means no Insurance Premium Tax. All you pay is VAT on our service fee.
20% of 20% = 4% tax.

Surplus in the fund leads to more benefits

No service fee for 6 months

We won't take our service fee until you have felt the benefit. For 6 months, every penny goes into the fund.

Access what you need, without the faff

Use our App to access care.

Pay with your Mosaic Mastercard.

Simple, seamless and effective.

Access benefits straight through the app

No hiding, no complex claims process, no hold music

Early intervention for better outcomes

Online to real world
as you need it

A digital health ecosystem for remote care.

In-person appointments at your fingertips

Frictionless payments

Pay with your Mosaic Mastercard

Simple, seamless and effective

Simple to set up and manage

You're used to SaaS. Why are employee benefits so different?
Join Mosaic flexibly and fast.

Pay monthly.
No minimum contract.

We ask for 3 months' up-front as an initial contribution. We then bring you online and welcome you to the fund.

Add and remove members in 3 clicks.

Your team is changing all the time. We make it simple to check in and keep up-to-date with your plan.

Everything is transparent and fair

80% will go into your healthcare
We ask for a service fee to run the business.

We'll manage the fund in your best interests

Anything left in the fund is there for you to use following year.

Or redistributed back into society.

It's up to you.

The #1 rated employee benefit

You're in constant competition for talent, and keeping hold of your people is key.

Health cover is more than just a perk for your employees.

It offers peace-of-mind when you're well and intervention when you're not.

Health cover is the most popular employee benefit. THe reason why has likely been staring us in the face for the last 18 months.h

See how easy it is to get started